Etnia Barcelona Pays Homage To Basquiat With Exclusive Sunglass Collection

Etnia Barcelona’s latest eye-wear collection blends the work of iconic 20th Century artist Jean-Michel Basquiat into a lineup of beautiful, wearable sunglasses. It’s got hints graffiti and street art with references to jazz, rap, punk, pop culture, and comics. And with Etnia’s work continuously focused on cultural movements, this collaboration just makes sense. Look for four different models, each displaying patterns constructed based on three original works by Basquiat. Each of the models is unique, with three vertices recalling the three points of his iconic crown as the common element seen in each.

The transgressive, powerful, and emotional aspects of Basquiat’s work shine through here with these pieces, all four of which are now available through just 20 stores worldwide, including Selfridges in London, Colette Paris, Tokyo’s Tomorrowland, Alchemist in Miami, the newly reopened Whitney Museum in NYC, and the MCA in Chicago. They’re also available through Etnia Barcelona’s online store so head there to grab these limited designs.

– Por Homme


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