Woman’s Rooted Connection To Nature And Fertility

Melbourne, Australia, based photographer Lilli Waters is pragmatic about photography. There’s a rawness and openness centered around female themes, and strong narration that leaves you wanting more.

Her latest series, ‘Pistil’ reunites female figures with inflorescent arrangements using a layered aesthetic.

Finding inspiration through nature, there is a focus on the finer details of the plants, revealing the vitality, strangeness and fragility; the sensuality and feminine allure inherent in the flora.

This series exposes a woman’s deeply rooted connection to nature and fertility and the ways in which she relates directly and symbolically to the plant world.’

Lilli ventured into photography by chance; originally intending to be a film editor. Well known in Australia and worldwide in the fine art industry for her personal work, her photos are widely exhibited and published.

– TrendLand


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