ItsBizkit Presents: I Ain’t Got Time feat. Zoey Dollaz, Anoyd, Grafh & D.A. The Future

From running his own website to hosting podcasts and events to discovering new artists, my guy ITSBIZKIT‘s grind never stops. Proving that point is the release of “I Ain’t Got Time,” an aptly titled brand-new banger he curated that features Zoey Dollaz, Anoyd, Grafh, and D.A. The Future.

Despite the four rappers hailing from different parts of the East Coast, they complement each other perfectly here with charismatic flows and braggadocios bars that center on the chorus of, “I be outchea on my grind, ain’t got time for me to think/I ain’t got time to chase, unless I’m chasin’ to the bank.” The track is also tied together by producer BIRTHDAY, whose instrumental is just as rich with bass as it is hypnotizing and layered.

Stream below.


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