Some Architecture For Yo Life

My love for architecture really grew when I came to know Ricardo Bofill Leví the Spanish architect. The leader of international architectural and urban design. Bofill was born into a family of builders in 1939 in Barcelona. His first project was at the age of 17 when he designed, a summer home in Ibiza! By 23 he became lead architect of el Taller. Over fifty years later, Bofill still leads Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, with over 1000 projects to date in over 50 countries. Check out his house which was an old factory he converted into my dream home!

Ricardo, please save room for me lol. Seriously, did that house not give you life?
I love the natural elements all through out, the creams, browns, greens, all of it.
John Legend also has a beautiful spot in the Save Room video. Gourmet Day!

Enjoy! XOXO – Wanderlust


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