Dane Lawrence – The Gift EP

Gourmet Everything and Theme Music Productions Presents The Gift EP by Dane Lawrence, produced entirely by Josh Lamont.

The Gift is introspective, reflective, braggadocios, smooth, aggressive and so much more. Throughout the 7-track EP, Dane Lawrence switches up his style and alters his delivery in order to showcase the variety of experiences that have worked to shape his life and perspective of such. On display is an artist with sharp wordplay, clever thoughts and a creative mind. Songs like “Poppa Was A Player”, particularly the change up from the first part into the second, highlight Dane’s ability to not only tell a complete story but also be aware enough to observe both sides of a common situation. It’s clear early on in the EP that Lawrence is an incredibly self-aware young man who has been paying close attention to the environment and circumstances throughout his life.

Dane’s delivery is complimented by Josh Lamont, who handled the production duties on The Gift. The Theme Music producer does an excellent job allowing Dane’s voice room to shine while still turning up the power of the sonic backdrop whenever necessary. You don’t see too many projects drop anymore featuring just one producer and I think this certainly contributed to the cohesive sound of The Gift overall.

Stream the EP below and if you feel it you can purchase The Gift from the Gourmet Store.



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